Stay at home moms be like….

I have to commend all parents that places their children’s needs above their own. I was a single mom for 4 years and that was rough. Trying to be present while clearly being absent placed so much stress on my child and myself. I worked all the time in order to provide  for my son. I am now in a position where the term “providing” takes on a different meaning. I became a member of the stay at home committee approximately 6 months ago. Two weeks before I was scheduled to report back to work I submitted my resignation letter. I was scared, but I did it for my children. My son was being a complete mess in school and my daughter looked so small- I couldn’t leave them. When my son was born I didn’t have the option of being home and I am eternally thankful to my partner for this opportunity to be present. Now that I got that out the way….this shit blows 🙂 It is not as grand as I imagined. I am not nearly as relaxed or care free as I initially anticipated and “me time” is non existent. I am not a member of the hot moms club. In fact, I’m still wearing my maternity clothes, 75% of the time I leave my house without lotion,my hair is eternally in a bun and I feel like I work more at home than I did in the office…I have a few gray hairs to prove it. I really would like to know how some parents look so put together. Someone needs to teach me the damn ways. The plus side of being at home is that I see my children all the time. I am excited that I get to see all of my daughter’s first and I now get to spend more than 3 hours with my son. Prior to this set up, I picked my son up from aftercare at 5:30 and hung out with him until bedtime…8:30. I felt like I was always missing something. The negative side to this is that I see my children all the damn time -__-. There are no breaks, no pauses, no earned vacation time. Just my two minions and I. Endless diaper changes, teething issues, cries (from both children), time out sessions, homework, complaints, bath time, cuddles, laundry, cleaning, hugs, screams, snack time and I love you’s. They rely on my presence and I am often left drained. Attempting to be super woman really isn’t so super…it hurts and it leaves you bitter on some days. And then other days it leaves you feeling empowered and purposeful. Being a stay at home parent somehow makes you the primary parent by default. At least I should say in my household. I guess the fact that I do not physically get up and go to work means that I never get tired or frustrated. And if I am tired, I usually get that weird side eye because apparently staying home with a 6 month old that doesn’t like to sleep and then chasing after a 6 year old that has behavioral issues shouldn’t make any one tired. Some days I reward myself with a cookie for making it through the day…and on really rough days I might eat the whole bag when the kids are asleep. Reason # 2726627338 why I’m classified as obese…le sigh. Being a stay at home mom has been the most rewarding and frustrating thing I have ever done in my life. With that being said…congrats to all the parents that make it through the day….I applaud you for being an awesome mess 🙂


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